Contour - Frame Connector Clip

Used in conjunction with frame connector foot to connect two Contour frames side-by-side allowing for 90°, 135° and 180° angles. One frame connector clip required to join two frames. Use two frame connector clips to connect Contour TV to a regular Contour frame.

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Type: Tensioned Fabric

Contour Features:

No special tools or skills required.
The aluminum sections snap together with simple push-button connectors and all structure lengths and frame joints are clearly identified for a quick and intuitive setup.

Take it anywhere with ease.
Contour is an ultra-compact and lightweight display solution that you can transport anywhere with its optional Wheeled Transport Bag. The frame knocks down into smaller sections that are neatly organized and protected thanks to the included pole clips.

Stunning display visuals.
A zippered pillow-fit graphic slips directly over the structure and covers the entire anodized aluminum frame. The graphic is printed on fabric using dye-sublimation which provides exceptional colour rendering and durability. For single-sided graphics, choose between an un-printed white or black fabric backer. Optional double-sided printing further increases your graphic impact.

Contour Tubing Snap Connectors & Foot Bracket

Hardware Configurations:

Contour tensioned fabric display systems are available in the following hardware sizes & configurations:

Customize your configuration with endless options.

Contour is both a changeable modular and highly functional portable display solution. The standard available frame sizes can link together with connectors to create 90°, 135° and 180° angles allowing for a wide range of possible display configurations. Enhance your personalized Contour booth solution even further with optional accessories including a TV, shelves, overhead canopy, storage corner and spotlights.

Contour portable trade show booth solutions 10' x 10', 10' x 20' and 20' x 20;

A portable modular display solution for all applications.

Mix and match Contour elements to achieve a wide array of personalized display configurations perfect for...

Trade Show Exhibits, Stages, Photo Backdrops (Step & Repeat), Pop-Up Shops, Point-Of-Sale Advertising.

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