Xperience Backlit - Wheeled Transport Bag

Wheeled transport bag for Xperience Backlit pop-up display system.

Exterior Dimensions: 37"w x 8"h x 13"d

Xperience Backlit Features:

Dye-sublimated fabric SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics)
The dye-sublimation printing process uses heat to transfer ink directly into the fabric material giving the finished graphic a bold, vibrant and fade-resistant image. Xperience Backlit graphics are then finished with a silicone strip sewn to the back perimeter edge of the fabric. To install the graphic, this silicone strip is inserted into a groove within the channel bars that are secured around the edges of the display frame. The result is a taut, crisp and seamless backlit graphic that is easy to set-up & dismantle.

Brilliant illumination with LED ladder lights
Brilliant, ultra-bright LED ladder lights ensure full coverage with no shadowing or dark spots. LED ladder lights provide even distribution that effectively illuminates your brand with style and ease.

The portability of a pop-up display with the look of a custom lightbox
At less than 50 lbs. for a complete 10' x 8' kit, Xperience Backlit offers the convenience and portability of a typical fabric pop-up display with the popular look and impact of a bulkier lightbox. Xperience Backlit displays include a wheeled transport bag for the frame, graphic and SEG channel bars as well as separate protective bags for the LED ladder lights. An optional wheeled hard case is available for added protection and convenience when shipping your display via FedEx/UPS or ground freight.

Xperience Backlit Pop-Up LED Light Curtain

Hardware Configurations:

Xperience Backlit pop-up display systems are available in the following hardware sizes & configurations:

Xperience Backlit Hardware Configurations

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