Xtension Squared 1x3 (2.5' x 8') - Graphic

  • Dye-sublimated fabric graphic for Xtension Squared 1x3 (2.5' x 8') pop-up display system.

  • Front Viewable Graphic Area: 31.1"w x 87"h
    Total Graphic Area:
    61.81"w x 87"h (including end panel wraps)
    Shipping Weight: 3 lbs.

    Handling & Care: 
    Dye-sublimated fabric graphics are easy to maintain and clean. Whenever possible, roll rather than fold graphics to reduce the possibility of creasing. Use a commercial or hand steamer to eliminate creases & wrinkles. Do not iron.

    Spot Cleaning: Fabric graphics can be spot treated as with typical laundry. Use a mild detergent with cold water. Test on a small less obvious spot before attempting treatment.

    Machine Washing: Fabric graphics can be machine washed in cold water on a gentle cycle. Lay flat or hang to dry.

Collections: Xtension Squared

Category: Graphics Only

Type: Pop-Up Displays

Xtension Squared Features:

The fastest, simple set-up & dismantle
Magnetic frame connectors snap together automatically when expanding the structure. Because the graphic remains attached to the structure for dismantle and transport, Xtension Squared provides the quickest possible set-up time of any pop-up display system.

Perfectly squared edges
Xtension Squared includes a pair of channel bars that connect to the frame's outer hubs to provide your graphic with the straightest edges compared to most fabric pop-up displays on the market.

Sturdy and remarkably lightweight
At only 19 lbs. for a 10' wide display, Xtension Squared is the lightest pop-up solution available. Don't let this featherweight fool you, with its durable black powder-coated aluminum frame and adjustable levelling feet, Xtension Squared is incredibly stable too!

Back of Xtension Squared Pop-Up Display

Hardware Configurations:

Xtension Squared pop-up display systems are available in the following hardware sizes & configurations:

Xtension Squared Frame Configurations

Xtension Squared Pop-Up Transport Solutions (Cases & Bags)

Looking for the most compact pop-up display solution available? Look no further.

Xtension Squared is the lightest, most compact pop-up system that you can take with you anywhere, period. An 8' wide system complete with graphic and two lights can fit in as small as a soft padded carry bag and weighs just a little over 20 lbs. Or for even greater transport convenience, choose between a padded wheeled travel bag or a durable wheeled hard case that can also double as a convenient podium.

LED Spotlight

Display Lighting:

Optional LED lighting combines cutting-edge technology and innovative design to enhance your display's impact. The LED Spotlight includes a padded canvas bag for portable convenience and protection.

Podium Case Conversion Kit

Podium Case Conversion:

Transform the medium or large wheeled hard case into a functional branded counter with the optional podium conversion kit. Conversion kits include a stylish folding wood top with padded bag and a dye-sublimated fabric podium wrap graphic.

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