Milan - Large Travel Bag

Large padded travel bag for Milan tensioned fabric display.

Exterior Dimensions: 33"w x 18"h x 12"d
Weight (Empty): 3 lbs.

Milan Features:

Simple push-button connectors for quick assembly.
Aluminum tubing frame sections effortlessly join together with push button connectors.

Pillow-fit tensioned fabric graphics.
Zippered tension fabric graphic slip on to aluminum frames for a perfectly taut, wrinkle-free appearance. Single-sided graphics are offered with choice of a white or black fabric. Double-sided graphics available.

Compact & lightweight for maximum portability.
Lightweight aluminum frame section lengths are designed to pack small and transport easily within an optional Soft Padded Travel Bag.


Hardware Configurations:

Milan tensioned fabric displays are available in the following hardware sizes & configurations:

Optional LED Spotlights

Add optional lighting to increase the visual impact of your Milan display. LED Spotlights include a pin adaptor for mounting to holes located along the top sections of the aluminum display frame.

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