SEG Graphics and the Redundant G

SEG Graphics and the Redundant G

We’re going to do something a little different this time. Oh don’t get too excited, it’s nothing earth-shattering or anything, it’s just that the last couple of times we had a chat about Boutique stuff we focused more on the hardware aspects of our Portable displays. But this time we thought we’d change it up a bit and show the graphic side of things some love.

But we’re not talking about graphics for Portable displays though. Oh no, we’re going to turn it up to eleven and talk about graphics for Retail products, like for our fantastic Wall Frames, Fabric Frames and Lightboxes. That’s right, we’re even changing markets here people. So you’d better buckle up, it’s going to be a pretty wild ride.

Ok, so not really Wild per se, more of a nature preserve on public TV kind of wild than a full-fledged, white-knuckled, compass-only adventure deep in the darkest depths of the Amazon jungle kind of wild. Mind you, the good ole exhibit industry can sure get pretty darn wild at times…

But I digress. The subject is Graphics, SEG Graphics to be more precise. And this level of care and attention to precision is what’s absolutely key here, because it’s precision that will eventually lead us to the curious case of the redundant G. And it’s also where the wild part comes in too, but more of a ‘woah dude, that’s wild’ kind of wild.

Precisely SEG

SEG Graphics - Silicone Edge/Beading

SEG graphics are nothing if they are not precise. In fact, it’s their precision that makes them great. And at the risk of being a tad dramatic, just one little millimetre or two of precision can be the monumental difference between SEG greatness and SEG death. Ok, that perhaps was a tad more dramatic than necessary however no less important. 

That’s because SEG graphics are tensioned graphics, but unlike the tensioned pillow-fit graphics on our beautiful Contour displays, these are made to precisely fit within a specifically designed channel around the perimeter of an SEG display frame, like say a Lightbox or a Wall Frame, making where the graphic comes from just as important as where the hardware did. Because just a fraction too big and an SEG graphic will be too loose and not look anywhere as stunning as it should. Too tight makes it difficult to install around the frame (if you can actually get it in at all) making the ultra convenience of a rich, beautiful, yet easy to swap-out large format graphic kinda beside the point.

Graphic Greatness

SEG Graphics - Wall Frame Graphic Installation

And that really is the point of these graphics, and pretty much why SEG Graphics were developed in the first place and have become so successful. Yes, paper posters are great and all, but in the end they are just that, paper. And up until SEG showed up, paper’s been the chosen one to present our much sought after potential purchasers with our stunning product shots (that took great pains to get) printed on wafer-thin, glossy white card stock in all its light-glaring glory.

But hey that’s cool, to each their own, but these days retailers simply want more in their stores. And that’s a good thing because consumers want more too. As generations turn over, advances in everyday technology creates a buying public that gets more and more accustomed to experiencing memorable visuals created through the professional graphic design process, and anything less is, well, less.

Less is So Much More

SEG Graphics - Fabric Frame & Graphic

With SEG graphics, the only “less” you get is less unsightly frame, where unlike typical poster snap frames and their large aluminum borders, an SEG graphic completely covers its hardware, stopping only a couple millimetres from the extreme edges of the image. So not only do you get a rich, beautiful and naturally textured visual, you actually get to see the whole thing as it was intended, not to mention getting to fully promote and maximize every precious square inch you actually paid for instead of promoting the piece of hardware that really only exists to hold it up in the first place.

Actually, come to think of it, that wasn’t the only ‘less’ that the SEG graphic advantage has, as we did talk about less glare given the nice rich texture of fabric. Oh yeah, there was also less hassle for getting them installed, which also adds up to less money spent on less staff wages required for things like important seasonal changeovers. Which incidentally also means less frustration by said staff, resulting in less phone calls with less questions disturbing less store managers less late at night. Yes, less is indeed more because with SEG graphics you get more with less, not to mention that it actually costs you less in the end to get so much more! Confused? Us too. Let’s move on before somebody notices…

So what About the G thing?

SEG Graphics - SEG Lightboxes

Ah, the curious case of the redundant G. Sorry to string you along all this way but it’s actually more of a curiosity really. You see, “SEG” stands for Silicon Edge Graphics, where the Silicon in the name is the part of the graphic that inserts into the perimeter channel of our wonderful Wall, Freestanding and Lightbox display frames that we spoke of earlier. It’s a rectangular shaped silicon material commonly known as welting that is sewn around each of the four back edges of the graphic, hence Silicon Edge Graphic.

Interestingly, the “E” is SEG is actually still up for debate. You’d think that given the popularity of these amazing graphic specimens that a confirmed and standardized name would have been firmly established by now. But just like so many other incredibly important and polarizing issues that divide populations today, the display and exhibit industry just can’t seem to decide if it’s supposed to be “Edge” or “Edged”. You can no doubt see how terribly confusing and serious this is. So which is it? We gotta be precise here people!

Ok, we hear you’re saying that was indeed extremely interesting and all, but please, what about about the stupid G thing already! Fine, you’ve all been so darn good and have become such experts that we’ll go ahead and let you in on it, so here it is…The ‘G’ in SEG already stands for Graphic, making it totally redundant. So when we call them SEG Graphics, what we are really saying is Silicon Edge Graphics Graphics. Yes, that’s right, we’re actually being silly and say it twice! And for no reason! How wild is that?!

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