The Wonderful World of Pop-Ups

The Wonderful World of Pop-Ups

In our last discussion, we explored, perhaps a little over zealously, the Boutique’s Perfect Portable. In it, we examined how each of our Portable offerings were actually quite unique in their form and function, and that choosing the right one may actually lead you on a little journey of self-reflection. But regardless of how you got there, if the Pop-Up ended up being your destination of choice, we should probably tell you that there’s still a few miles yet to go on your personal road to display nirvana.

That’s because there’s a lot to say about the venerable Pop-Up, like that its invention goes back well over a quarter century and that its basic collapsible frame design is still what’s being used today. But we’ll do our best to keep this concise for you, because as interesting as that may well be, its not actually getting you any closer to understanding the unique differences between the Boutique’s fine selection of Pop-Up Displays…

Xtension Squared

Pop-Up Displays - Xtension Squared

As impressive as the Pop-Up’s long-standing tenure at the top of the portable display world has been, it couldn’t possibly have stayed there without any changes along the way. Advances in technology have improved the way a pop-up functions, and improved printing capabilities have added new options for what they can display and the Boutique’s Xtension Squared Pop-Up Display may just well be the perfect example of that.

Unlike the Pop-Up’s original design consisting of separate but matching individual graphic panels, Xtension Squared uses the texture and natural feel of fabric over its lightweight, collapsible frame. And this fabric graphic is in one piece, eliminating the visible and sometimes tricky to align graphic panel seams. But even better, this graphic stays on the frame, making an already pretty quick display even quicker.

But of course there must be a trade-off for these benefits, and in this case that nice big, beautiful one-piece graphic needs to be completely replaced when its message requires a revision, no matter how minuscule it may actually be. So extra convenience can come at extra cost if changing messages are your thing. Despite its convenience however, the Xtension Squared Pop-Up display does stand straight and strong, with clean, square lines that have a more contemporary feel for those looking for a more modern approach.

View our collection of Xtension Squared pop-up displays here.


Pop-Up Displays - Xpressions

In our previous Display Discussion, we mentioned that each of our display options exist for specific reasons and designed to achieve specific functions. This is exceptionally true for Xpressions, where advanced thinking combined a new way to incorporate fabric with a new way to incorporate the frame.

Answering Xtension's inability to easily incorporate a changing message, Xpressions uses each individual quad of the collapsible frame for its fabric graphics instead of covering them completely as a whole. The result is an incredibly unique display with almost endless graphic size and configuration possibilities giving you the freedom to change your message at will. And almost instantly even, making Xpressions an interesting consideration outside of the trade show environment and into a more retail setting.

Which brings up Xpressions other key advantage: Shelving. A key ingredient for keeping something portable is to keep it light, and unfortunately when it comes to shelving, light is usually not so good at holding its weight. But in this case, a reliable shelving option can actually be had by looking at each of the individual quads for support, giving this portable display system the rare ability to actually show customers what you’re trying sell them.

So as far as displays go, those are some pretty great advantages. So what’s the bad news you ask? Well that versatility comes at the expense of higher frame visibility since the shelving and graphics do not completely cover the collapsible frame. But we should also note that others see it as a positive, where to them the partially exposed frame relates to a more industrial aesthetic and minimalistic ideal.

View our collection of Xpressions pop-up displays here.

Virage Curved

Pop-Up Displays - Virage Curved

Virage Curved completes the trilogy of our fabric pop-up action-hero franchise, and returns us towards the more serious and dramatic role of the single graphic Xtension Squared as we head further away from the quick-witted, comedic timing of the Xpressions. Yet while the former chooses a more modern and straightforward approach to its act, Virage returns to its original pop-up roots with a horizontal curve spanning from stage left to right.

Ok, we’ll stop now. Cinematic comparisons aside, the fact remains that pop-ups have been around in one form or another for quite a long time, so Virage Curved tends to also appeal to trade show veterans, whom are right at home with the way that a pop-up presents its curved graphic face, so the move from printed panels to printed fabric will be quite enough of a change for now, thank you very much.

But don’t be fooled, there is more to this seemingly simple plot than just “it’s basically an Xtension Squares but curved”. (Did you really think we’d stop?) That’s because the thing about fabric is that it’s soft and basically lazy, as it tends to take the shortest route from Point A to Point B making it actually quite difficult to get it to hold onto to a nice curve. And we’re talking about a real curve here, as in a part of a circle and not a series of angled straight faces that “act” like a curve. No, the Boutique’s Virage Curved Pop-Up performs its eloquent, curved soliloquy through an incredibly well-engineered graphic retention script, producing a well-rounded and memorable (trade) show experience that is sure to receive a rousing round of applause and a standing ovation! Too much?

View our collection of Virage Curved pop-up displays here.

Magnum Classic

Pop-Up Displays - Magnum Classic

Ok, so we’ve travelled through the Fabric Trifecta; the Pop-Up world’s three new display variations of the timeless panelled portable classic. And while the Virage Curved gets you pretty darn close, for some there is nothing like printed, laminated panels for the very best in graphic resolution and bright, vivid colours. Because as good as modern fabric graphic technology has come, there will always be a limit to the resolution its graphic can have due to the small empty spaces within the textile’s fibre weave, unlike a laminated mural panel’s smooth printed glossy media which had been specifically developed and computer profiled for the very purpose of creating pop-up panels.

Yet despite its classic moniker, the Magnum Classic is as modern as it gets for a panelled portable pop-up. For example, great pains have been taken in how the graphic panels seamlessly attach to the collapsible frame, resulting in a self-aligning, rare-earth magnet assembling technology that literally makes set-up a snap. And this is without the unsightly visible panel hooks that some other systems have, keeping the Magnum’s beautiful graphics free and clear of distractions. Adjustable feet under the frame are another advantage, where poor graphic alignment due to an uneven floor is a thing of the past.

But it should be said that those beautiful and stunning graphic panels do require a bit more care and attention, so this should probably be considered if the Magnum Classic Pop-Up is your display of choice. Not everybody will put in the same effort as you in keeping your Magnum pristine and properly packed, so you may want to consider one of our other excellent pop-up options if shared display use was the original intention.

Now that said, of course most of you wily trade show veterans already know this and are quite adept at keeping your panelled pop-up display in fabulous shape and looking great. Which is of course not to say that those new to the display and exhibit industry can’t do so, because a display system like the Magnum Classic doesn’t get to stay at the top of its field for as long as it has by not being exceptionally user friendly. In fact, the Magnum Classic continues to be among the most popular display choice for both beginners and veterans alike, which is why the Boutique is very proud to announce its Special Introductory Offer On Magnum Classic Kits, for a limited time of course!

So we’ve travelled through the Boutique’s Wonderful World of Pop-Ups and discussed the pros and cons of each stop along the way. And like any road trip, certain sights and experiences will appeal to each traveller differently depending on their individual needs and requirements. And we apologize if the road to your pop-up destination of choice was perhaps a little long, but we can’t help it if we like to stop and smell the roses along the way. I mean, what’s a road trip if getting there wasn’t part of the fun?!?

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