The Perfect Portable (For You)

The Display Boutique - The Perfect Portable (For You)

Like many decisions in life, making the right choice requires a little dose of self-reflection. We know, that sounds a little existential and whole lot like work, but the reality is that a good decision requires an equally good understanding of what you actually need it for. And when that choice comes to a Portable Display, nothing could be closer to the truth.

That’s because Portable products are rather unique in that they are not only developed to serve a specific display function, but they must also be, well, portable… as in easy to move, set-up, pack-up, and then easily get them to the next event without much fuss.

Incidentally, this is also why many consider Portable Displays as a great entry level product for new brands or for those entering the trade show industry for the first time. The truth is that any active brand should have a good assortment of portable products in their display arsenal, because even the biggest corporations will still have certain marketing needs that only a Portable Solution can fully realize.

Banner Stands

Portable Displays - Banner Stands

Ok, enough theory… let’s get to it! As any good product lineup should, the Boutique’s Portable choices begin with Banner Stands, which are by far the most versatile display product available given that they are the easiest to set-up, the smallest when packed up, the lightest to carry, and among the least expensive to buy.

Just starting out? Start with a Banner Stand. Have a little something extra to say? Say it with a Banner Stand. Because given its smaller size, a Banner Stand can adapt to almost any event or environment, meaning it’s not just for the trade show floor. They can also make a great backdrop for your conference room presentation, a beautiful way-finding panel to ensure visitors get to where they need to go, or for simply promoting that special something when they walk through your door.

Of course, like any great product there are size and function variations available within the Boutique’s Banner Stand lineup itself, but we’ll have to get into all that in another discussion! Additionally, as great as the right Banner Stand can be, they do have certain limitations given their smaller size. So if you’re looking to fill that new 10ft. booth with a Banner Stand you’ll actually need a few of them to fill it up, which is great for a temporary gig or if you’re on a budget, but for a longer term solution to your larger back wall needs you’ll need to head on over to our next amazing group of portable display offerings: Pop-Up Displays.

View our collection of Banner Stand displays here.

Pop-Up Displays

Portable Displays - Pop-Up Displays

On the trade show floor, a 10' x 10' booth is where most fledgling exhibitors usually start, and the Pop-Up Display is what they usually start with. And for good reason, because a Pop-Up Display not only provides a larger, more complete backdrop solution for your booth, but thanks to its collapsing internal frame system it also packs down quite small relative to its size, plus it’s rather easy to do too. Of course with a bigger display you do get a bigger package, but that package is still portable given it will easily fit in the back of your SUV, can be sent anywhere via courier, or even brought with you on an airplane.

And like their smaller cousins the Banner Stands, Pop-Ups are also available in multiple styles, sizes, and configurations to suit particular needs, but alas there is far too much to say here on that subject so please be sure to check our upcoming discussion where we explore the Boutique’s Wonderful World of Pop-Ups in more detail. But what would be appropriate to mention here is that not only is a Pop-Up a larger portable display system, but it can also be a fairly complete one too…

What do we mean by that? Simply put, the actual display itself is only part of a truly successful exhibiting experience, and moving up to a Pop-Up Display is where you begin to find the additional features to help you have one. Things like lighting can play a large role in attracting more attention, and having a countertop to write your hard-earned leads on can come in pretty handy too, both of which can be had as part of your Pop-Up Display package to add functionality to your increased visibility.

View our collection of Pop-Up Displays here.

Tensioned Fabric

Portable Displays - Tensioned Fabric

Over the last decade or so, Tensioned Fabric displays have seen a steady rise in their popularity within the display and exhibit industry. Like their name suggests, they feature a stretchy fabric graphic that comes under tension when installed over an aluminum tubing sub-frame. And like a Pop-Up, these displays will also accommodate 10ft. or 20ft. booth back wall requirements, however that is pretty much where the similarities end.

Unlike the more technical nature of the collapsing Pop-Up frame, the tube sub-frame of the Tensioned Fabric display consists of multiple pieces that join via button locks, creating a robust system that is capable of handling a lot more of the abuse that the trade show industry typically bestows upon its displays. But more parts to put together does mean more time, so while still relatively quick, a Tensioned Fabric display will typically take a little bit longer to put together and pack back up again after the show.

That said, with the steady development in fabric printing technology, tensioned fabrics now boast better graphic colours and resolution quality than ever before, nearly equaling the higher resolution medias available for typical pop-up systems. And given the fact that the fabric follows the contours of its sub-frame, Tensioned Fabric displays can be made in various shapes and forms by adding bends to the frame’s tubing, creating a unique display that visually identifies itself from the Pop-Ups on display.

View our collection of Tensioned Fabric displays here.

So in the end, given that each of our Portable Displays has been developed to achieve a specific goal, you might say that when it comes to making the right portable choice the display actually chooses you! Ok, we may be getting a bit existential again, but the underlying truth remains that the right answer to this Display Discussion's question is simply the one that best answers your carefully considered needs.

But regardless of which display choice you do make, you can always rest assured that you’ve chosen the best of its kind since the Boutique only carries products that we personally stand behind, having experienced each and every one of them in the field ourselves. And if you’re still a bit unsure, please don’t hesitate to give us a call as we’d love to tell you all about it, and we promise we’ll stick to the facts…

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